3. The Constant Princess by Philippa Gregory





This novel gripped me quite quickly, as I read about the fictitious beginning of one of the royals I have always been most intrigued about. The unraveling of the beginning of Catalina’s life was quite well written, and her love for Arthur definitely believable.


I read this novel for Katherine/Catalina of Aragon, and her fire, and her determination which was definitely admirable. I wish there was more accounts of her life, even if they were slightly fictional, as she deserves the attention.

Arthur is a person/character I ended up falling for as well, with his smarts, and his own ideas of the perfect Camelot.


The settings in this novel, as well as the dress etc are so well described that it was quite easy to close my eyes and picture what was happening, and what the scenery looked like.


I got what I wanted out of his read, which was something that would take place in a time I always have been fascinated by. It was a real page turner, and it was obvious that research had been done. It was salacious and enjoyable.

Star Rating: ★★★★☆

Recommended to: Katherine of Aragon fans, people interested in Tudor history, those who want a quick, immersive read.

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