Review Policy

A Lovely Little Book Blog is currently accepting, at our discretion, both print and digital ARCs, galleys and books for consideration for review from publisher’s, writers, agent’s, public relations etc.

The long and the short of it:

  • We reserve the right to stop reading, and refuse to review a book if we do not enjoy it.
  • We will post critical reviews if needed.
  • We always mark ARC/galleys etc as such and do not accept monetary bribes in favour of good reviews.
  • For release day blasts, or book tours we require at least two week’s notice to participate to give us time to read the material.
  • The technology used by me is a Kobo (.epub) therefore eBooks in that format are appreciated. Luke, who is a contributing reviewer uses .epubs as well.

Genres we read:

Ashley LP (Not currently accepting books)

  • Urban Fantasy (prefer female protagonist)
  • Mystery (female sleuths or cozy mysteries)
  • Contemporary Romance
  • Young adult fiction (contemporary, fantasy, sci-fi, romance, LGBTQIA+)
  • LGBTQIA+ fiction


  • Fantasy (Urban, Sci-Fi, Realistic)
  • LGBTQIA+ fiction, non-fiction or erotica
  • Historical Romance

Most of the reviews we write are books from our own collections, or the library. All other copies given to us free of charge in exchange for an honest review are marked as such.

Where to find us:

Ashley LP | Email | Twitter | Instagram | GoodReads | LibraryThing

Luke | Email | Tumblr | Instagram | GoodReads

Last updated 4 february, 2022