4. The Chemistry of Death by Rebecca Cantrell




Joe and Edison are at it again, scanning people’s brains to better understand PTSD and mental illnesses amongst other things. But someone is killing women in the tunnels, and Joe’s moral compass is spinning. This book is chilling, and oh so well written. The plot moved along quite smoothly and this book was definitely a page turner.


Joe is still lovely, and vulnerable yet strong at the same time. The way his mind works still fascinates me.

Celeste was in this novel a little less, and yet, I was more interested in her than ever.

Vivian is still a pillar of strength in these novels, and a female character I certainly admire.

All of the characters are written in a way that is very real, and very true to life. They have their strengths but are not without their vulnerabilities.


For me the tone seemed to shift a little more toward the menacing side in this novel than in the previous two, but I really appreciated it.

Star Rating: ★★★★☆

Recommended for: Rebecca Cantrell fans, even if you mainly liked the Hannah Vogel series. I would also recommend this for people who like hard mysteries.

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