2. The Tesla Legacy by Rebecca Cantrell




This is a very natural continuation to the previous novel in the series, with Joe trying to cope even further with the revelation of why he is agoraphobic, and new revelations about his familial connections. The discovery of a dangerous device, created by none other than Nikola Tesla himself really does drive this plot in a great way.


My love for Joe Tesla only grows within this book and I can’t wait to read more of his adventures, or misadventures as they may be. His mind is truly an amazing thing, even as it turns against him in certain ways. There is more vulnerability for him within this novel, which only makes me care about him more, as though he is a real, live human being.

His enemies are twisted, almost more so than in the first novel. Ash is truly sinister, and a completely unreliable narrator, despite the reasons he gives for doing what he’s doing.

Characters I would like to learn more about: Vivian

Tone and Setting

The tunnels and his new home seem almost like coming home as a reader, as we are given the opportunity to become more familiar with them. The tone of this novel is more sprawling, from fear, to almost abject terror at one point. It’s a true mystery though.


I’ve already got my hands on the second novel and I can’t wait to read it. Rebecca Cantrell is a fantastic writer, one who knows how to do her research as well.

Star Rating: ★★★★☆

Recommended to: Nikola Tesla fans, mystery lovers, people who have read anything else by Rebecca Cantrell.

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