1. The World Beneath by Rebecca Cantrell



Rebecca Cantrell is easily one of my favourite authors, as the way she manages to weave a tale together is truly inspired.

This book, and the story within it had me rapidly turning the digital pages, eager to find out what happened. Joe Tesla’s life within the tunnels is definitely a hard one, and one worth reading about. Though there were a few filler chapters overall this book and its plot are well written.

Joe, despite all his riches and presumable good fortune is an easy character to like. He’s also easy to empathize with, someone who is kind to those he meets but who is unable to deal with the outside world.

Dubois is a truly mad scientist, trying to play with things that no one could help to understand.

Edison, the yellow dog, is easily one of my favourite characters. Sweet, and charming he’s well trained. I was truly amused that he was named Edison, all things considered.

Vivian is not someone I am sure I can trust as of yet, but I do look forward to getting to know her.

The tone of suspense all throughout the novel was well kept up, and I found myself cringing and wanting to stop at certain moments when Joe was in true danger.

The setting, the New York City tunnel system is a character within itself in this novel. Sinister, dank, and scary this setting was well lent to the tone and feel of this novel.

Star Rating: ★★★★☆

Recommended for: Those who like medical suspense, or who have read Rebecca Cantrell’s previous novels.

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