Review: Don’t You Forget About Me

Title: Don’t You Forget About Me

Author: Mhairi McFarlane

Genre: Self-Discovery, Romance

Trigger Warning: Sexual abuse

Buy: Indigo/Chapters here. (Affiliate link)


If there’s one thing worse than being fired from the grottiest restaurant in town, it’s coming home early to find your boyfriend in bed with someone else.

Reeling from the indignity of a double dumping on the same day, Georgina snatches at the next job that she’s offered – barmaid in a newly opened pub, which just so happens to run by the boy she fell in love with at school: Lucas McCarthy. And whereas Georgina (voted Most Likely to Succeed in her school yearbook) has done nothing but dead-end jobs in the last twelve years, Lucas has not only grown into a broodingly handsome man, but also has turned into an actual grown-up with a business and a dog along the way.

Meeting Lucas again not only throws Georgina’s rackety present into sharp relief, but also brings a dark secret from her past bubbling to the surface. Only she knows the truth about what happened on the last day of school, and why she’s allowed it to chase her all these years…

Part of my love for this book, I will admit, is the title. And now I have the song completely stuck in my head but I’m not going to complain about that either.

Georgina to me is such a completely loveable character. She is a little chaotic, and awkward af, but I understand that entirely too well. She also holds her secrets and her pain close to her chest until she cannot handle it anymore. This book is about her learning how to reconcile the past as best she can, and if she falls in love in the first place? Well, that’s just an added bonus now isn’t it.

I think the reason I like her is she isn’t too sure what she’s going to do in life and isn’t that what a lot of us go through? I know I have.

Lucas, both young, and older, are just…everything. He fights so far not to feel what he does, but guess what? That never works. Especially in books like this. I just loved him so much.

Behind these two are a cast of characters who are just as wonderful (except one, seriously he sucks and should just go away forever).

The pub itself is a character in this, and I could picture it so clearly.

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