Review: The Best Laid Plaids (Kilty Pleasures) by Ella Stainton

Title: The Best Laid Plaids

Author: Ella Stainton

Series: Kilty Pleasures

Genre: Historical, Adult

Summary: Welcome to a sexy, spooky new paranormal historical series from debut author Ella Stainton.

Scotland, 1928

Dr. Ainsley Graham is cultivating a reputation as an eccentric.

Two years ago, he catastrophically ended his academic career by publicly claiming to talk to ghosts. When Joachim Cockburn, a WWI veteran studying the power of delusional thinking, arrives at his door, Ainsley quickly catalogues him as yet another tiresome Englishman determined to mock his life’s work.

But Joachim is tenacious and openhearted, and Ainsley’s intrigued despite himself. He agrees to motor his handsome new friend around to Scotland’s most unmistakable hauntings. If he can convince Joachim, Ainsley might be able to win back his good name and then some. He knows he’s not crazy—he just needs someone else to know it, too.

Joachim is one thesis away from realizing his dream of becoming a psychology professor, and he’s not going to let anyone stop him, not even an enchanting ginger with a penchant for tartan and lewd jokes. But as the two travel across Scotland’s lovely—and definitely, definitely haunted—landscape, Joachim’s resolve starts to melt. And he’s beginning to think that an empty teaching post without the charming Dr. Graham would make a very poor consolation prize indeed…

This one, my friends, is a cheeky read. Let me tell you. It’s delightful, it’s fun and it’s sometimes downright filthy in the best possible way of course.

I thoroughly enjoyed this read but had to remind myself that context and time matter when reading it. This is not your slow burn, your slow build, this is your raucous quickly torched fireworks display that might end in a possible accident. While I am more of a slow-burn person I can’t deny that the quick love within this novel warmed my heart a little bit.

Ainsley is quite the character. From lucidity to moments of forgetfulness there was something about him that both annoyed me and delighted me all at the same time. He is a force to be reckoned with, in a cast of already colourful characters.

And Joachim. Long-suffering Joachim. Poor man, to be mocked and afraid, but it all came out well in the end. He is as steadfast as any real person I love, and not without his own warmth and charisma.

This is an excellent quick read. But be prepared for a bit of spice. It might just burn your palette.

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