Review: F-Stop by Eliza Gordon

45714561._SY475_Title: F-Stop

Author: Eliza Gordon

Series: Revelation Cove

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Summary: Francesca “Frankie” Hawes has felt one click short of a full roll her entire life. Her dad and brother—both world-class photographers—can’t be expected to file paperwork, manage clients, or book their own dental cleanings. So Frankie does it for them. But when they ask her to step in and shoot the Meyer-Nelson wedding in secluded Revelation Cove, BC, they go one bridezilla too far.

It’s one thing to take Instagram pics of her brother’s dog, but unless an Alaskan malamute wanders into the bridal portraits, Frankie fears the worst. Enter wedding guest, childhood friend, and hot ginger snap Sam McKenzie, who brings with him the tricks he learned hanging around the Hawes family, possibly saving Frankie from full-frame disaster.

Her colourful reunion with Sam makes Frankie’s Portland routine of work, sushi, and aqua-fit feel pathetically underexposed. When a family emergency calls her home, Frankie must deal with a jarring reality that’ll require her to confront if life in her family’s shadow is as cozy as it seems, or if she’s strong enough to call her own shots in the hard, undiffused light of the world outside the studio.

My Thoughts:

This is the third in the Revelation Cove series by Eliza Gordon. I was completely in love with Must Love Otters as well as Hollie Porter Builds a raft and this book maintains that same charm and humour.

Sam is easily my favourite character in the novel, as he is humorous, honourable and downright charming. Plus it’s so hard for me to resist a ginger with freckles. What can I say? I’m a sucker for a guy who blushes.

Frankie is a character I just wanted to give a good talking to though. Believe in yourself girl, talk to someone about your problems and for god’s sake do not run away from the hot guy. He likes you, a lot.

This was an enjoyable read, from beginning to end, and man, the events at the wedding almost downright ridiculous but so comedic. I found myself laughing more than once.

Lessons learned: Maybe archery isn’t the best pre-wedding activity. Or…maybe it IS the best pre-wedding activity. That’s up to the reader to decide.

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