Book Buying Problems and TBR

I am Ashley and I have a huge book buying problem.

I recently downloaded the Delicious Library, and using points bought a little bluetooth scanner because I am a total nerd who wants to catalogue all the things.

I decided to give it a go, and using this program catalogued the books on my shelves into Read and To Be Read piles.

I own 675 books. I have only read 260 of them. That gives me 415 books to read, not counting those which are on my TBR list that I want to take out from the library.

This is my pact, to not buy anymore books UNLESS they are the continuation of a series. This is my pact to only read books that I currently own from now on.

We’ll see how this goes, then, shall we?


    • It includes my digital shelves too, so what I have on my Kobo. Out of the 675 books I own only 295 of them are what I call “book books” which are printed on paper. The only reason I own this many is because every year for my birthday, and then Christmas I always end up getting bookstore gift cards. Like an insane amount.

      • It is an insane amount, but a lot of them I got for very cheap, I think just because they were cheap.

        It is and it isn’t great. Because it’s actually quite daunting to see that big of a list, considering on average I only read about 100 books in a year, this is literally the next four years of my life haha.

      • Haha, it is crazy when you think about it like that. I wouldn’t be able to hold off on buying books for four years – that sounds tough. It’s nice at least that you have a variety of books to choose from when you’re not sure what to read!

      • Here’s hoping. I am debating on starting with the short books first, but that feels like cheating haha.

        I doubt I’ll be able to hold off on buying more books, I’m going to try not buying books for 3 months to start.

    • I hope so too!

      I feel like it is, but so many of the books are ones I bought for like a dollar just because they were on sale. So will I ever actually get around to reading those? Who knows?

      • Lol, I love it!
        I can relate; where I live there is a giant book sale twice a year and the books are priced incredibly low. I’ve recently cleaned them out though, since there were a lot I wasn’t going to actually read. 😉

      • That will be my next task I think, is going through and determining what I will not read. And then strategizing how to go about reading those I do want to keep.

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