5. Magic Bleeds by Ilona Andrews





Kate is fighting a foe that no one is sure can be beat, though they’ll certainly try and more of her past comes forward as she and Curran battle the tension between them.


Kate Daniels is a strong character and in this, with her vulnerabilities blatantly shown and her inability to deal with relationships on display I finally identified with her. She is not weak, but she is human and it was nice to see it in ways that are shown more than physical.

Curran is still a character I’m not sure about and I do find aspects of their relationship to be problematic but understand that it might be just because of the genre. However his behaviour at times, as hers does, would be concerning in a real life partner.

.Tone and Setting.

The tone of this novel was ominous, but wonderful. It was a page turner. The setting is amazing, and the world building phenomenal.

Star Rating: ★★★★☆

Recommended for: Fans of Urban Fantasy, or authors such as Diana Rowland or Patricia Briggs.

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