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Review: Paradise Girl by Phill Featherstone

paradise girl

Title: Paradise Girl

Author: Phill Featherstone

Genre: YA Dystopian

Warnings: Lots of death, attempted assault

Silver linings of warnings: Some of the best written suspenseful scenes I’ve read in a long while.

Overall Rating: Image result for explosion emojiImage result for explosion emojiImage result for explosion emojiImage result for explosion emoji

A highly infectious and incurable virus spreads worldwide. Seventeen-year-old Kerryl Shaw and her family live on a remote farm and think they will be safe, but the plague advances. Despite deaths around them, the Shaws survive. However, this changes when a stranger arrives, and it soon becomes apparent he has brought the infection to their door. One by one the family succumbs, leaving Kerryl alone.

Kerryl is sure it’s only a matter of time before she, too, dies. She decides to record what she thinks will be her final days in a diary. She realises that it will never be read, so she imagines a reader and calls him Adam. As loneliness and isolation affect the balance of her mind, Adam ceases to be an imaginary character and becomes real to her…

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Review: Same Love by Tony Correia

Same Love

Title: Same Love

Author:  Tony Correia


Warnings: Hate speech involving LGBTQIA+, Native Americans, Asians, women and other minority groups.

Silver Lining to Warnings: There are people, just like in the real world who do not stand for that bullshit.

Overall Rating: 

At seventeen, Adam has suspected for a while that he might be gay. His sketchbook has become full of images of good-looking men, and he isn’t attracted to any of the girls he knows. When he reveals his feelings to his devout parents, they send him to a Christian camp, warning him that there will be no room in their lives for a gay son. The last thing Adam expects is to meet someone he is deeply attracted to; unfortunately, Paul is more committed to his Christian faith than Adam is.

Adam tries to bury his attraction to Paul by concentrating on his art and his new friends Rhonda and Martin. When it becomes clear how unhappy Rhonda and Martin are at Camp Revelation, Adam and Paul are both forced to question what the church tells them about love. But with a whole camp full of people trying to get Adam to change who he is, what kind of chance do Adam and Paul have to find love and a life with each other?

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Nostalgia Reads: Goodnight Kiss 1 & 2 by R.L. Stine

Oh good lord. Oh good lord how ridiculous and fun are these two novels? These are not the Twilight vampires of todays age, nor are they the Buffy the Vampire style vampires of the 90s and early 00s.

That being said, the vampires in this novel seemed to be parodies of the monstrous characters. Vampires who are teenagers, and who are so teenager-like that they’re hard to take seriously. It’s brilliant in its simplicity and almost as though RL Stine knew that there would be more ridiculous vampires to follow.

These are two quick reads and so very nineties. I just couldn’t help but love them.

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Book Buying Problems and TBR

I am Ashley and I have a huge book buying problem.

I recently downloaded the Delicious Library, and using points bought a little bluetooth scanner because I am a total nerd who wants to catalogue all the things.

I decided to give it a go, and using this program catalogued the books on my shelves into Read and To Be Read piles.

I own 675 books. I have only read 260 of them. That gives me 415 books to read, not counting those which are on my TBR list that I want to take out from the library.

This is my pact, to not buy anymore books UNLESS they are the continuation of a series. This is my pact to only read books that I currently own from now on.

We’ll see how this goes, then, shall we?

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5. Magic Bleeds by Ilona Andrews





Kate is fighting a foe that no one is sure can be beat, though they’ll certainly try and more of her past comes forward as she and Curran battle the tension between them.


Kate Daniels is a strong character and in this, with her vulnerabilities blatantly shown and her inability to deal with relationships on display I finally identified with her. She is not weak, but she is human and it was nice to see it in ways that are shown more than physical.

Curran is still a character I’m not sure about and I do find aspects of their relationship to be problematic but understand that it might be just because of the genre. However his behaviour at times, as hers does, would be concerning in a real life partner.

.Tone and Setting.

The tone of this novel was ominous, but wonderful. It was a page turner. The setting is amazing, and the world building phenomenal.

Star Rating: ★★★★☆

Recommended for: Fans of Urban Fantasy, or authors such as Diana Rowland or Patricia Briggs.


CSI: Where are our characters?

The fourteenth finale for CSI aired tonight, and above all else I felt disappointment. As much disappointment as I’ve felt for the last few seasons.

Somewhere along the line, whether it was Grissom leaving, or Warrick dying, or Langston entering and exiting something in this show was truly lost.

The characters.

It used to be, that CSI was a crime drama, powered by characters, and this show did it best, along with CSI NY. However, the characters, and their personalities seem to have dropped away into nothingness.

And in all honesty? It kind of hurts.

I won’t stop watching though, I’m loyal to this show.

But the small glimpses we get of Nick’s loyalty, or Greg’s self-deprecating, goofy nature, or Sarah’s messed up history are too few and far between.

I don’t resent the new characters, in fact DB is one of my new faves, but now…I’m left wondering. As we say goodbye to one of the original cast members, with no fan fare, drama or thanks.

Was that a finale or was it, for some viewers, the final straw?


The She Hulk Diaries

The She-Hulk DiariesThe She-Hulk Diaries by Marta Acosta

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

This book was a really quick read once you can manage to get into it, but I found so much of it to be a bit problematic. I wanted to see it as a fun romp but really I was disappointed.

I found the weight shaming in parts of the book to be distracting from the actual plot, and there were many different grammatical errors and spelling mistake throughout that were also quite the distraction.

I just didn’t like this as much as I thought I might, and was left with a feeling of, “That’s it?”

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Ripper by Isabel Allende (Spoilers maybe)

RipperRipper by Isabel Allende

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

This book took me quite some time to read, in part because I couldn’t sink into it the way I normally do with mystery novels. The crimes were grisly, as I’ve come to expect from books like this but I couldn’t help but feel that something here was lost in translation. Some scenes just seemed extraneous and like they were there to fill the pages over containing any pertinent information.

I found the plot a little bit predictable, although a child as a main character in a novel such as this was an interesting idea and I found myself enjoying Amanda and some of the other characters. I figured out the two possibilities of who the killer could be, and lo and behold they were both one person so I felt a little bit accomplished.

I feel like there was no reason to kill Ryan however, and do wonder why the author decided to make that decision. For me the most interesting parts of the novel were the last 100 pages, beyond that it is something I won’t pick up again but I just don’t think the style and pacing was my cup of tea.

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Catching Fire: Brutal, Action Packed and a World Apart

Spoilers Abound

Two movie reviews in one day? It might be the start of something new here.

Unfortunately I didn’t get to see this movie in theatres, which is something I do regret because I feel like I missed out on a lot of experience by not doing so. I will however admit my reason for not doing so was that I didn’t really love the first movie.

This one however, was good on a much more eye catching, visceral level for me. The actors, Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson especially were more into their roles it seemed. And the stakes seem so much higher.

There were parts of the movie that had me gasping for breath, when Liam Hemsworth’s Gale was whipped in the square I ached, and when the baboons attacked I marvelled at the wonder of how far CGI has come.

The stand out scene for me, was in District 11. The salute, the families of fallen tributes and Jennifer Lawrence screaming as Katniss and struggling against those who wish to take her away.

Elizabeth Bank, is, as she was in the first movie pitch perfect in her role as Effie, a catch in her throat as she thinks of losing her victors. And they are very much hers, dramatic and performing to the best of their abilities in a world gone wrong with promises broken.

Jennifer Lawrence is good as Katniss, often dramatic and reckless just as she is in the books and as she was in the first movie.

There are moments that seem a little over the top, and not in the best way, such as her scenes with Gale, but I am unsure if that was the acting or the writing.

In terms of what is missing from the book I have decided to take this as simply a film, apart from it’s source material because it is that well done. However once again there is some issues with the restrictions of how the descriptive brutality of the book would be on screen, and would effectively ruin the PG-13 rating which does soften the blow of what could be a truly horrific book.

All in all this movie is gorgeous, it is well acted and I can’t wait for the next one.