Review: The Deepest of Secrets by Kelley Armstrong

Title: The Deepest of Secrets
Author: Kelley Armstrong
Series: Rockton
Genre: Mystery/Thriller
Source: Netgalley
Trigger Warnings: Violence, buried alive.
Summary: It’s not always easy to live in the hidden town of Rockton, something Detective Casey Duncan knows firsthand. Tucked away in the Yukon wilderness, the community survives—and thrives—because the residents’ many secrets stay just that—secret.

But what happens when these secrets start to come out? Overnight, no one is safe. It’s not a question of if your secret will come out—but when.

Casey and her boyfriend, Sheriff Eric Dalton, need to find the culprit while protecting those who have been thrust into the spotlight. For a place built on privacy and new beginnings, Rockton isn’t handling these revelations very well. People are turning on one another, and when one of the loudest complainers turns up barely alive, it’s clear that their trickster is actually a murderer.

The threat of exposure is reaching its breaking point, and no one knows what’s going to happen next.

Kelley Armstrong remains a master at building tension, and mystery in an environment unlike any other I can imagine, or have ever seen in my life. It seems like it should be the perfect place, set in the wilds of the Yukon, but there are things more dangerous than the wilderness in the small town.

Over the course of these books I’ve become so attached to the characters, even those who are less than savoury and perhaps that’s why I approached this book with a sort of reluctance, not wanting to let go of Rockton.

Casey is still as amazing as ever, determined to make things right, even when everything is going horribly wrong, with Eric, steadfast and sometimes stoic at her side. The two of them complement each other wonderfully, even in the seventh book of the series they never feel stagnant.

The surprise for me in this, the latest book in this series is how much I’ve come to enjoy Phil, who has really grown as a character throughout his appearances, and the last chapters even had me cheering him on.

While this was a farewell to Rockton, I can’t wait to see what happens next and hope for an interesting next chapter for these characters.

Also, as if I didn’t have major fears being buried alive before…

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