Release Week Part 2: A Stranger in Town by Kelley Armstrong

Title: A Stranger in Town

Author: Kelley Armstrong

Series: Rockton (Book 6)

Release Date: February 9, 2021

Genre: Mystery, horror

My Thoughts: This book. This book. I can’t believe it ended like that but at the same time I really can’t tell you how it ended because I don’t believe in spoilers.

This book was filled with tension, and anticipation that gripped me as I flipped through the digital pages and pretty much left finger imprints on my tablets. I would say this was the most mysterious book of all of the Rockton series, as several different storylines entwined.

When they stumbled across the tourist in the forest I really found myself agreeing with Dalton’s opinion about whether or not people should even be allowed in the Yukon wild. The town and its working are explored even ore in this book, who gets in, who gets out.

We also found out how hostiles were created, and it was intense (apparently that’s the watchword).

Thank you to Kelley Armstrong and her publisher for giving me a free copy of this book.

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