Review: Find Someone to Love

someone to loveTitle: Find Someone to Love

Author: Divya Sood

Genre: Contemporary, LGBTQIA+


Set in the surprisingly charming world of New York City opticians, Find Someone to Love follows Priya, a young optician working for a Queens practice full of characters. There’s Sam, whose life revolves around his store, 20/20. There’s Ed, who always loves a good snack and has a mysterious past. And then there is Dr. Bello, who is a colorful woman, to say the least. Things in Priya’s world get turned upside down when Dr. Bello is replaced by a new optometrist, who is an unexpected, but beloved, blast from her past. Priya’s routine world changes when she has to answer questions of herself she was always too afraid to ask. With a mixture of humor and heartache, Find Someone To Love explores the power of the past and the ephemeral nature of the present, the redemptive power of love, and the bonds of friendship. 

I will fully admit I was not into the style of this writing when I first started this book. But I forced myself onward and soon fell into Priya’s store, and the beauty of it. She is someone who outwardly seems confident but inwardly is wrestling with a love from her past as well as the loss of a family member.

The stories from the past fully flesh out the character of Priya, and who she has become in the modern-day.

She is witty when she needs to be, and the characters who live and work alongside her are entertaining as well, and not without their depths.

There were some…problematic depictions of mental illness, as well as a forced coming out of a character that did taint my view of this novel though.

Received a free copy of this novel in exchange for an honest review. 

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