Review: All the Better Part of Me by Molly Ringle

42281050Title: All the Better Part of Me

Author: Molly Ringle

Genre: Romance, Self-Discovery, Contemporary

Summary: It’s an inconvenient time for Sinter Blackwell to realize he’s bisexual. He’s a 25-year-old American actor working in London, living far away from his disapproving parents in the Pacific Northwest, and enjoying a flirtation with his director Fiona. But he can’t deny that his favorite parts of each day are the messages from his gay best friend Andy in Seattle, whom Sinter once kissed when they were 15.

Finally he decides to return to America to visit Andy and discover what’s between them, if anything. He isn’t seeking love, and definitely doesn’t want drama. But both love and drama seem determined to find him. Family complications soon force him into the most consequential decisions of his life, threatening all his most important relationships: with Andy, Fiona, his parents, and everyone else who’s counting on him. Choosing the right role to play has never been harder.

I don’t know what I expected this book to be, but whatever that was it ended up being so much more. This book reached inside of me and pulled out emotions I haven’t felt in quite some time, and I can’t even tell you what plotline it was that did it.

I found myself reading the second half of this book with a lump in my throat, and tears in my eyes, and yet, it isn’t overly sad. But it, as life is, and family, and friends, is difficult. I finished it at around 1 or 2 am this morning and then lay on my bed staring at the ceiling trying to comprehend what I was feeling.

It is well written, the characters both flawed and fully fleshed out on the pages (digital in my case). Their relationship is amazing. The supporting characters are as well.

The family dynamic is difficult and unfortunately will hit close to home for far too many people.

Just please, if you can, read this book. I don’t think you’ll regret it.

Received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. 

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