Stop the presses!

I wasn’t going to write another post until tomorrow, was thinking that three a week would be good enough for me.

But then some news was announced today that made me so happy, so excited that I just had to share it with you all because it is major.

The Rockton series, possibly my favourite of Kelley Armstrong’s series’ is going to be a TV show. A Canadian made TV show, put into motion by the same studio that produced Orphan Black.

Now I know what you’re thinking, maybe you didn’t love Bitten. We can all admit that show had some problems, especially since they only had rights to the werewolves for some bizarre reason I have never understood.

But this is Rockton folks, this is the haven/fiery disaster that is Rockton. And the backdrop can be some beautiful Canadian scenery! Our mountains, our trees! And maybe our…rugged…actors?

Who would you like to cast in this show if you could? Who is your dream Rockton cast?

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