Review: Cody by Megan Crane


Title: Cody

Author: Megan Crane

Genre: Romance

Skylar Grey lost everything when her fiancé died. But her move back to her hometown, Billings, Montana is not the fresh start she seeks, as too many people know her tragic tale. But then she meets a bull riding cowboy who treats her like she’s made of fire and everything changes. 

Cody Galen joined the American Extreme Bull Riders Tour to make money, not friends. He enjoys whiskey, winning, and women and he doesn’t care who he pisses off while he pursues the hell out of all three. He figures he only has a few years left before his body gives out and he might as well go down hard in a blaze of glory. He knows the pretty thing he meets his first night in Billings is no buckle bunny, but if she wants to play that role, who is he to argue? 

Neither one of them is looking for anything lasting. But there’s only one thing more dangerous than riding bulls—and that’s love.

Fffffff….LOVE IT.

I know, I’m a huge nerd when it comes to bullriders apparently, which is funny because I actually hate the sport in real life, finding it cruel and unnecessary. Apparently I’m okay with it in a fictional sense.

The thing I love most about this book is that it deals with how sometimes loss is different for everyone. It doesn’t mean being despondent for a year, or more than a year. Sometimes it means just moments of tragedy, ebbing and flowing and changing. And sometimes when you lose someone you also lose yourself.

This book is a pretty strong depiction of how and who you end up after death.

Skylar is a strong woman, in that she tries for everyone, and in the end the person she tries most for is herself which is great. It’s good to see, someone putting themselves first before they sacrifice too much.

This book is a journey I quite enjoyed taking.

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