Book Challenge 25


Day 25 – A character who you can relate to the most

Angel Crawford. I know that sounds crazy because I’m not really white trash and I’m certainly not a zombie but I grew up in a place, that even throughout high school when I said where I from from people would reply, “Ew you’re from _____.”

And so maybe I can get behind her, maybe I know what it feels like to be surprised when you’re doing well in life. Not many people in my public school class completed high school, not many in my high school went onto college and I’ve even met up with teachers in high school who weren’t sure I was going to make it that far. Even my parents were a little shocked that I did. I was that kid who “had so much potential.”



About Ashley LP

I'm a twenty something who loves nothing in this world more than travel and reading. It is for this reason I run a (not so well used) travel blog, and work as a travel agent. It is also why I run a (more used) book blog. There are two types of travel we can have in life, travel in fiction, or non-fiction and real world travel. I have a firm belief in both.

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