Book Challenge Day 8

Day 08 – Most overrated book

I really didn’t want to answer this question because I believe that if a book gives you pleasure, and makes you feel happy that no one else should have anything to do with it.

That is why this post is not tagged with the title of either of the two books that I picked. I don’t believe in tagging your hate, and so I won’t do it here because I know these particular books do give some people joy though I do find the plot, and writing problematic but it is not my place to judge people for reading them. Because at the very least they are reading something.

And that is what makes the literary world go round and stay on an upward motion.

Twilight. Fifty Shades of Gray.

I have read them both, because I refuse to judge something based on fandom alone, having had that done to me in the past. However I just don’t understand the appeal AT ALL.

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