Review: Pillars of the Earth by Ken Follett

pillars of the earthThis was one of those books which I had picked up before and never really got into.

It was the next book title pulled out of my book tin, and I dove in with an intent to finish it. I then proceeded to tear through the book in 5 days.

This isn’t so abnormal for me, but what was abnormal was the genre. Historical fiction is not normally my thing though I’m finding now that my tastes are changing.

I think what drew me into this novel, and was so well researched was that this was a history I was familiar with. But what kept me in this novel was the characters.

The world build, made out of one which already existed was fascinating and great. But it was the characters who were so fulfilling, so alternately, good, evil and in the middle that made me care about what was happening in this book. I turned every page wanting Phillip, wanting Jack to triumph while sneering at the thought of those like Alfred, or William making it anywhere in the world. I shook my head at Tom Builder’s ignorance. and found myself smiling the slightest bit at the mentions of Thomas Beckett, having been to the martyrdom in Canterbury Cathedral myself.

I felt the emotions of the character, mourned with them, felt scorned by some and felt the triumph of others.

This book is amazing, and that’s all there is to it.

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