Review: The Short Game by J.L Flynn


18680390**Received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review**

I tore through this novella like I was worried the words were going to disappear right off the page. I had wanted to learn more about Jimmy Boy after reading the first book and boy did I.

Here he become a more complex, fleshed out character with numerous flaws and an apparent heart of gold. It was such a quick, well paced read and filled with mystery.

It is the perfect bridge into the next book, I feel, which I really can’t wait to read because I have a feeling world’s will really collide.

The pacing was quick, as you would expect from a novella, but there is nothing lost in the brevity of this work at all. In fact, I think the fact that it’s so brief has in fact made it better because it really does leave the reader grasping for more and loving the characters.


About Ashley LP

I'm a twenty something who loves nothing in this world more than travel and reading. It is for this reason I run a (not so well used) travel blog, and work as a travel agent. It is also why I run a (more used) book blog. There are two types of travel we can have in life, travel in fiction, or non-fiction and real world travel. I have a firm belief in both.

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