"A" is for Alibi by Sue Grafton

I expected to enjoy this book quite a bit more than I actually did because I had been hearing such good things about this series for so long. However I found the beginning lagged a bit but was determined to trod through it.

Kinsey is an interesting character but I wish her own bitterness and lack of trust had been filled in more, and it wasn’t until near the end I found myself actually sucked into the plot of the book and needing to know who had done it. I will give Grafton her credit where it is due of course because I was not entirely sure who had done it and kept switching my answers.

Also, despite an initial like of Kinsey I found her character to be rather cliched, for it seems there cannot be a strong female character without some kind of hatred toward the males of the species which is rather ridiculous. However since Kinsey came along awhile before many of the female detectives of today perhaps I should not so readily judge her character.

Although my reaction to this novel is rather lukewarm I suspect I will end up continuing to read the series mainly because I cannot start a series without finishing it. Even if it is a little trite, dull and convoluted.

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