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Reading Project January-February Kelley Armstrong

I love Kelley Armstrong. I met her before I loved her writing, before I’d read a single word and she was a warm, friendly person. I wish I could meet her now to tell her that I’ve tried to read every word she’s written and it’s still an ongoing project for me, and that the world’s she’s created are amazing.

And thus, my reading project for January, February and possibly March even begins.

I am going to read the Otherworld series in chronological order. It doesn’t seem hard right? Except I’m including the novella’s and short stories as well.

That is, at current count, 61 different pieces of writing, novels, short stories and novellas included.

It has resulted in Otherworld Nights, Men of the Otherworld and Tales of the Otherworld appearing as follows: IMG_3932

This is going to be a very interesting project, and will hopefully lend more depth to the stories I’ve loved for a while. In a way it will be nice to be reintroduced to the characters who have always felt a little bit like friends, or dysfunctional family members.

Booking Things

Reading Things: My Book Tin

IMG_0099_2Take a tin, or something you like the look of. A jar, a bowl, or something pretty, or something ugly, whatever happens to float your boat. I went for this, because…it’s Canadian? It’s easily sealed? I don’t know. But I liked the look of it.

I then proceeded to fill it with my reading list, mind you my reading list, I decided was only going to contain books I owned, whether an eReader version or those books that have been sitting on my shelves for ages. This was in an effort to keep from buying more books (it didn’t work but I tried.)


And then I put in the tin different colours of paper, green for supernatural, pink for mystery/romance/contemporary, and this little damask print for non-fiction/biography/historical fiction/classical literature.

IMG_0101_2And now each time I need a book, but I don’t want to go to the bookstore for something new, or I can’t quite decide what I’m going to read I pull out a slip of paper and enjoy something I bought, or have read before, but loved the thought of so much that it earned a place on my shelf.

No this was not my idea originally, I originally saw this idea here. I thought it was a great one so I adopted it promptly.