CSI: Where are our characters?

The fourteenth finale for CSI aired tonight, and above all else I felt disappointment. As much disappointment as I’ve felt for the last few seasons.

Somewhere along the line, whether it was Grissom leaving, or Warrick dying, or Langston entering and exiting something in this show was truly lost.

The characters.

It used to be, that CSI was a crime drama, powered by characters, and this show did it best, along with CSI NY. However, the characters, and their personalities seem to have dropped away into nothingness.

And in all honesty? It kind of hurts.

I won’t stop watching though, I’m loyal to this show.

But the small glimpses we get of Nick’s loyalty, or Greg’s self-deprecating, goofy nature, or Sarah’s messed up history are too few and far between.

I don’t resent the new characters, in fact DB is one of my new faves, but now…I’m left wondering. As we say goodbye to one of the original cast members, with no fan fare, drama or thanks.

Was that a finale or was it, for some viewers, the final straw?


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