A Movie Review? Seriously?

It’s like I don’t know my place in the world anymore, reviewing a movie when all I’ve reviewed since 2011 (and badly I might add) is books! But this is a movie I helped fund dammit so I’ll review it if I want to. 

 This is my post all about the Veronica Mars experience, so strap yourself in marshmallows because this review is probably gonna be worse than all my book reviews combined!

This is the movie that I have been waiting for since the series was cancelled, and I can’t express my joy that it has happened. I paid for it, then I paid for it again and I’m perfectly okay with that. Because this was a movie I needed. 

However there was worry, as the premiere grew nearer, there was doubt. What if this movie wasn’t what I wanted though? What if it was bad? I sat in the theatre, next to my sister, hugging my coat to my stomach as the lights dimmed and when the beginning credits rolled a smile spread across my face.


  “A teenaged private eye, trust me I know how dumb that sounds. But it’s not like I found a decoder ring at the bottom of a cereal box and thought, ‘That sounds like fun.’ I wish. That would’ve been adorable. Nope. My best friend was murdered when I was fifteen. Trying to figure out who did it was how I coped.”

 This was the movie I had been waiting for. A tribute to the show that came before it, and two hours of what felt like an extra long episode. But in the best possible way. We’ve met a new, grown up Veronica. A marshmallow living in New York and trying to get into one of the top law firms.

 She’s still a control freak, but she’s also an addict, addicted to the pull of Neptune, addicted to the pull of danger. An adrenaline junky and in some ways still so flawed. This movie was well acted, the actors sliding back into their roles like it was a second skin.

 Veronica makes grave mistakes in this film, just like she did in the show and all it does is to give her more humanity. She falls for Logan again and hurts Piz. She misjudges the danger she’s in and yet she comes out relatively unscathed.

Logan gets the vote, possibly for most improved character. Still with that edge of anger, with that background of tragedy he has managed to carry around with him like a shroud throughout the years and yet he still seems to have changed. He’s more stable. But still dangerous.

Wallace and Mac are cleverly written and acted, their warmth and humour a highlight of the story.

The tragedy for me in this fell with the change in Neptune. A complete class war,  aided by the acts of the police under a new Sheriff Lamb, a Lamb who is more corrupt than his brother, almost startlingly so. Weevil falling back into the PCHers after years away, after being torn apart by the 09er side of Neptune once again.

And at the heart of this movie, as there always is, is the bond between Veronica and her father. Keith Mars hasn’t changed. In fact if anything he’s just gotten better, but there is a weariness to him, living in Neptune without Veronica, unable to stop the system from being so corrupted.

There were jokes, just for those who watched the show, there was tension and so much of this movie was reminiscent of season one for me but in the best possible way.

It’s a beautiful return for a television show that I watched as much as I could, whenever I could and wrote fan fiction for it. I yearn for a sequel.

And if I need to pay for it?

Oh hell. I would.


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